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    October 27, 2012
    11:00 - 12:00am PDT  

welcome to "red eye." i'm greg gutfeld or as i am known downtown, anderson cooper. let's go to andy levy for a pre game report. andy, what's coming up on tonight's show? >> our top story, who won the foreign policy do pate between a calm, reasoned mitt romney and ?eering, condescending barack obama? a fair and balanced discussion coming up. and a new poll shows european prefer obama to romney, something that is not the tiniest shocking. greg? >> nice, andy. >> i don't know what that means. >> what, thanks, andy? >> yes. >> you know what, maybe you don't deserve the thanks. >> maybe i just never heard it before from you, greg. >> let's welcome our guest, you jerk. well, she is so british she sneezes earl graty. it is quite messy. i am here with author and political commentator
imogeth lloyd webber. that's three names. her latest is called "the twitter diaries" and if hilarity was a seafood restaurant he would have crabs. you get a new job every week. it is michael money -- moynihan. >> i keep getting fired. >> sitting next to me is the brother of gavin mcguiness, miles mcguiness. she a crusader for honesty and justice in a country that knows neither. he is a film maker and poet currently between jobs. >> a block. >> the lede. that's the first story. >> did obama fibia? in the last head to head, one issue was left unsaid. yep, in monday's debate in foreign policy, allegedly mitt romney passed on pressing the president on his administrations, inconsistent explanation and benghazi.
while romney made a point of not quibling he was mocking. >> i think governor romney hasn't spent enough time looking at how our military works. you mentioned the navy and we have fewer ships than we did in 1916. govern, we have fewer horses and baonettes because the nature of our military changed. we have these things called aircraft carriers where planes land on them. we have the ships that go underwater and nuclear sub marines. >> it is so silly. and we have these things called aircraft carriers. he is really slow. we know what aircraft carriers are. who can for dwet this on the -- who can forget this on the expense of mitt? >> i am glad you recognize al-qaeda is a threat. when asked a few months ago, you said russia. not al-qaeda. you said russia. in the 1980s or now, calling to ask for their foreign policy back. >> that was my favorite.
soccers those jokes never -- oh, those jokes never get old. they agree on afghanistan, syria and drones, but it was thought without combative moments like this fiesty exchange. i certainly hope they can be friends after that. miles, welcome back to the program. it has been awhile. i hope you have been well. >> have i been, actually. >> you have been well? >> yes, literally. >> literally well. >> i am happy for you. >> okay, well don't ask the question and not wait for a response. >> i was trying to be polite. >> maybe i was being defensive, i'm sorry for that too. >> what struck you most about the debate. you notice there were no women there. >> yes, that's unfortunate. our next goal is to have a black female president, but i thought you guys got served.
it was nice to see the gloating after the first one. it was a huge slap in the face to us and it was like pow. he was funny and he was on, and he was black. it was amazing joy you mention he is black. is that why you like obama? is that your primary -- >> i think it is impressive that someone from that background could become president, and i think it is admiral. >> really? you think it is harder for him? >> it is a lot harder for him. if he was white he would not be as awesome in a lot of ways. >> that's good to know. that kind of makes you a racist. >> no, racist people are people who support mitt romney because he is white. >> there you go. >> it is simple logic. >> that is very convincing. >> he changed my mind about it. why didn't mitt go after obama on libya? seems to me like a missed opportunity. >> he missed this opportunity
in every debate actually. he screwed it up every time. he is probably like, i am going to screw this up again, i should not talk about it. >> do you think that's true? >> this whole thing is complicated. politicians are condescending to the american people. i don't want to get into the muck and confuse them. but he is trying to be the bigger man. he can be like, well, i am not going to accuse you of killing people in libya which i clearly think you did. he was just trying to be a gentleman. >> it is weird though. it is not as complicated as saying you screwed up and you lied about it. i think he was worried about the press after that. and then he wanted a more presidential. i was bummed. you come from another country where you are not allowed debates. you have no freedom of speech. i don't think you have free elections, am i right? >> you are absolutely right. >> i only moved here a few years ago. this is my first presidential
debate. you are great, america. it is fantastic you make the person who wants to be the leader of the free world two people go after it. loved it. and i loved the drinking games and the stories everybody had on twitter. loved all that. fundamentally obama probably won on point, but at the end of the day romney did a great job. he is trying to look acceptable. and he has. that's romney's big win out of these three debates. he made himself look acceptable. >> i guess that's a good point. i am disuh interest pooed -- i am disappointed in the joke telling by obama. usually obama is good at telling jokes. >> it was great. he got a writer from the chevy chase show and he did some classic zingers. i am glad the debate is over though. i figure if there was a fourth debate it would be them talking through their teeth and trying to smile. >> there was a time there when
i thought they were going to say, screw it. we are done. why are we doing this? i am glad they did it. i learned so much. >> there was one topic missing , and i couldn't get my head around it, and i don't know what it was to. >> in all seriousness, it is europe. europe is a huge threat to america's financial security. it really is. it didn't come up. i would have loved to have heard romney's answer on that. obama's answer on that. i think there was a problem with the moderator. bring back the female moderator. >> because i don't know anything about europe being a threat. isn't it just china? >> china is part of europe technically. >> i am feeling ignorant, but sweden is a threat? i didn't know this. >> you wreak. >> well that's smelling nice
then because wreaking smells like a fart. >> what was missing for you? >> i really like the comedy. i felt like a lot of people like ann coulter said that romney was being nice to the retard, and i thought the right just can't lose gracefully. they knew they were losing, and they had all of these excuses. just lose. you got served. >> all right. who do you think won? >> a slight edge to obama. >> i got obama. >> you know what is weird? i noticed in the beginning an unusual sponsor for this debate. very strange. >> good evening from the campus of lynn university in boca raton, florida. this is the fourth and last debate of the 2012 campaign brought to you by -- magic mike. dvd on sale tomorrow. this one is on foreign policy. i am bob schaefer of cbs
news. >> that is clearly the movie of the year. it seems like a natural fit for the debate. >> absolutely. it is the story of america. hot and sweaty hard body of america. >> i think you can agree, imogen. >> absolutely. >> and what are our foreign policies, but grinding up against other countries for more money. >> on that note from foreign policy to foreign polls. he is popular in france and with those who poop their pants. a pair of polls show obama is huge with foreigners and children. according to a bbc survey, if our election was held in other countries, the president would win in a landslide. that always sounds gedly. deadly. you are winning, but you would be dead because you are covered in mud. they questioned 21,000 people in 21 countries. a third preferred obama and 9% favored romney.
that's 50 to 9. that's a difference of a lot. the prince was obama's strongest supporters fold by australians and his fellow kenyans. pakistan gave a slight edge to the mitster. nickelodeon said the president received 65% of the kids pick the president on-line vote. meanwhile for the latest on national and swing state polls let's go to hmc. >> that is my kind of happy meal, imogen. >> very very much, that was a nice, lovely flattering -- >> you are child like and you are european. >> i don't think are you supposed to call british people european.
>> no, you are sometimes. >> i don't think you guys like it. >> sometimes. carry on, greg. >> no surprise that the europeans would favor obama. he is their cup of tea, isn't he? did you see how i said that? cup of tea because he is british? that's my improve class. >> here is the thing. foreigners don't have to live with obama all the time. americans loved blair way more than we loved blair in the uk. however, and i know you will agree with me, but there is something about obama a man called barak hussein obama could be elected to the united states. it per son gnaw fies the dream to many around the world. they don't have to live whim h on a day day-to-day basis. romney's foreign policy tour didn't go very well. the whole republican staying and loving in the bedroom and very interesting thicks. that's not been reported favorably.
>> what do the europeans know? >> about the bedroom, nothing. >> my point is that they are very slow on the up take. >> i like this argument. they like him because he is barak hussein obama and they like him because he is black. and it would never happen in europe because they have nazi parties at parliament. well well you have an mep. >> that's the representation. jay it doesn't matter. -- >> it doesn't matter. he is a member of the european parliament. it is like, just don't bring him over here. she great in america, super awesome. >> i don't know, michael. i tend to disagree. i think london is far more advanced. they have people preaching the the merits of allah. >> they also have a conservative prime minister saying huey is for same-sex
marriage because he is a conservative not in spite of it. >> can i go home? >> gavin, you said they are far more open minded. >> i would leave on a boat tomorrow if they still did that trip. i don't want to -- but they have muslim awareness is light years ahead of us. all we have is deer born, michigan. i voted for barak hussein. he is pro muslim with the nasa nasa -- nassau thing and trying to encourage them to feel better and saying there is no future for the profit of mohamed. we have a long way to go for the london levels. that's a goal we should all have. >> isn't what imogen said true that favoring somebody like
bagram hussein obama is like having a crush on somebody else's wife? you do not live with her, so you don't see the downside? one of the main rules my militia follows is never covet another's wife. greg, are you almost dodging the biggest issue. this is not about what europe is. let's go back to the nickelodeon thing. nobody is talking about time travel here. these kids are the generation of people that time travel will be -- what if they come back and swing this election. >> that's a good point. they can't vote now. >> but they could come back. >> that means they have already come back. >> well then i have no idea. >> there are so many minds being blown here, let me bring it back to the nickelodeon point, i don't know -- it is like wonder twin power activate. did you know that linda
ellerby is the host? she is the anchor of nickelodeon news. i am not going to say anything else because she is probably nice. wow. >> it is quite an interesting trajectory. >> and i am the war correspondent. there is a lot of gas being poured on people, there are a lot of things, i was there when the wall came down. the whole chef knee yen thing was a nightmare. >> i think your conclusion is that your -- is that europeans and children are no better. >> paw coso said it took a lifetime to learn to draw like a child. politically it took me a lifetime to think like a child. >> have i that hope. i believe in the future and i believe in the merit of our leader.
>> it is like a whitney houston song. >> we are here in the belly of the beast and laughing at everything because we are so good. i have the innocence of a child. when it comes to politics i feed on that. >> do you think it should be the children in charge and the adults ? >> you would have a lot less war. if it was just women and children in the white house and men doing, i don't know, publics -- pubs. >> back when it was a pagan culture there were hardly any sacrifices. >> very few. >> a fair amount, but no, it wasn't a full on war. it was still better. >> do you actually think that primitive cultures are superior to our modern day life? >> say the mjans -- myans when they would get the winner and
pull his ears off and poke wood in his eyes? that's till just one guy. that is not a war. so in a sense they are more civilized. >> we i will kill abortion doctors, and we bomb entire villages. that's worse than any earth goddess could ever do. she only has six months. >> imogen, you look terrified. >> that's how you think, like a child. >> the nickelodeon thing, they have predicted the winner every year since 1988. kids do know something. >> maybe kids know what their parents are hitting. >> it is hard-hitting journalism. keep it up. i will be responding soon. >> you can't spell nickelodeon without load and that a load of crap. i would never say that. coming up, what is it like to grow up with a sphaim muss name?
with a famous name. first, strippers, call me strippers.
they won't stand for lap dances. who would stand for one? strippers grinding on customers doesn't promote culture in the community like ballet, agree to disagree, and so the dances shouldn't get a tax break. dissenting justices says state law does not distinguish between the dances so it creates constitutional problems. the lawsuit was filed by an adult club "night moves" near albany, new york. that's an amazing buffet and it says they should be exempt from the sales tax. you know what should be considered art?
this. >> i rest my case. dan, could you argue that pole dancing is just as difficult as ballet, and perhaps even more difficult than ballet and considered art? >> absolutely. ballet you go to julliard and you study and get all flexible and bendy. >> first position, second position. >> striping you have to dedicate an entire childhood to hard core abuse, drugs, physical, whatever you can, and then do it in heels? by the way, been tonight moves in albany. love theiren are decision of othelo. >> you can talk about the worst parts of a stripper lifestyle, but they will show video that makes it look great. they talk about the drug abuse, the parental abuse, but
they show girls going like this and they say oh who cares about the abuse. >> i would love to meet the one carefree stripper that does it just because dancing nude is fun. >> i like men in sweatpants and not wearing underwear doing something horrible on my thigh. imogen? >> hello. >> sorry. >> i don't think the girl should be punished. i think they should be part of mitt romney's tax break preservation as it were. in saying that, i think the pervy nasty, mean customer should be punished and they should have all of the nasty taxes and they should pay. >> can i as a customer of night moves which i believe is owned boy bob seeinger -- bob seager, will defend this. it is in a way -- i don't think it is constitutional, but it is in a way -- it is like the innocence of muslims thing. this is not good speech.
>> we can't have courts adjudicating what is good and bad dancing. i happen to think because i love art, and i think it has better dancing. >> it is better dancing. >> we are ducking the main issue which is the restriction of customer rights to wear basketball shorts to strip clubs. they are shorts. >> have i to get miles. you are a champion. >> it is called being a feminist. >> i consider myself
>> you couldn't be nude, so they would have the same m toes. get more ando through abject maury strixes when they are trying to make a living. i'm surprised you brought it up, but we don't bring it up because it is strippers. it is like in "homeland" when that chick died fighting for her country. >> was that a spoiler? did you give away something? >> i will hunt you down. >> it is like the third episode. you are that far behind then you don't deserve to watch it. >> why do you watch "homeland"? >> it is great evidence that the president is right to be fighting terrorism, but also closing down guantanamo and killing osama bin laden. it is a perfect combination of unlike warmongering romney. he does the right amount of war and then gets outs and >> the end of the war in iraq and he killed bin laden in the head.
>> he didn't actually shoot him, you know. a lot of people helped in that. >> i saw the photograph. he is sitting right there. >> that wasn't him. >> he is sitting with his golf shirt in the corner. >> he wasn't there. >> i know. but you go right and shoot. >> he can't be everywhere at once. he is not superman. >> are you saying barack obama isn't superman? >> yes. >> really? >> oh my god, i just wake up called myself. what a head trip. do you have a comment on the show e-mail us. if you have video of your animal doing something that isn't boring go to fox eye and click on submit a video. we might use it. still to come, the half time report from andy levy, our own little animal. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by lawn mowers. the machines that use cut blades . thanks, lawn mowers.
[ male announcer ] this is steve.
he loves risk. but whether he's climbing everest, scuba diving the great barrier reef with sharks, or jumping into the market, he goes with people he trusts,
which is why he trades with a company that doesn't nickel and dime him with hidden fees. so he can worry about other things, like what the market is doing and being ready, no matter what happens, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense, from td ameritrade. anything wrong so far. >> greg, how are you? >> fine, thanks. >> did you have a good weekend? >> yes, uneventful. actually i had to work on sunday. i had a special episode of "the five," you know that show i do. >> vaguely. >> i have heard of it.
>> it rated well. >> you keep talking about it. debate. miles, you were upset there were no women as part of the debate. how about the fact that for all four debates, the three presidential and the one vice presidential, all of the moderators were white? >> except barack obama who is part hawaii an. >> but he also -- i am talking about the moderators. >> that's disgusting. that's why we call it ameri-cacaca. >> and what about the state of journalism that they thought they couldn't find any qualified moderators of color? >> journalism is saying, hi, i am racist. actually anytime you see someone who is not -- who is white anywhere that is basically saying, hey, i hate blacks. >> really? >> even if you see a white guy walking down the stree. >> he immediately hates blacks ? >> in someways. >> what if he is with a black partner? >> that is guilt. >> what if he is you? >> that would be the one
exception. >> that's what i thought. >> michael, you thought romney was trying to be a gentleman regarding libya and didn't want to accuse the president of getting people killed. >> i was just making that up. he could have not mentioned the security situation. but he still could have brought up the lying about the cause of what happened. >> he could have. he keeps doing it and keeps screwing it up. they knew it on this date, and they were saying something about it. but every time they talked to him he was like, i don't know, libya, that place is screwed up. back to you, barak. i am not racist. >> he was 0 for 2 on libya in the last two debates. >> i think -- did it come up in the first debate? >> no, it hadn't happened yet. >> there are only two times the president has risked terrorism in this country, libya and benghazi. there are no other examples.
why are we so obsessed with the two places? >> benghazi was great in "hoed house." in "road house." >> once every six months you have to make it. otherwise you are out of the built. >> diary of a mad housewife, right? anyway, go ahead. >> imogen you said there was one topic missing in the debate. europe. i would assume any mention of the euro zone causes what we in the business calls glazed eye syndrome. >> maybe on some levels, but it is a massive part of why america's growth is not doing what it should be doing. the physical click of course. i can't believe it wasn't brought up. that was bad on the moderator's part. >> i don't disagree. you know who is not happy with the president? >> who? >> big bayonette.
>> i know. amazing. >> the head of the imagine tiffly named bayette inc. was ignorant and he should get educated on it. >> he tells the head of "tmz." >> he could have said he stabbed them in the back. >> they are doing the journalism nobody else wants to. >> what's his face hanging over drinking a soda. i called big bayonette. >> the guy with the bland hair. the blonde mare. >> he was super cool. we left him with lyndsay lohan. >> i think big bayonnette was a stripper. >> that's a great name. i am using that name.
>> it actually doesn't sound very inviting. >> imogen, you said bring back the female moderators. >> i thought he was the best out of the four moderators? >> he didn't bring up europe. >> i get why two-thirds of the world was left out most of the debate, but that is a huge, huge issue. it wasn't brought up. we don't care about you. >> but it is affecting you, andy. i am saying that because it is affecting you negatively. jay nothing affects m m about o.
>>- q. -- >> it is clearly racism.
>> who? >> they are scared of a black president. >> they are out there. >> oh you may want to look that up. >> i don't think so. i think they are predominantly black. >> oh yes, and they all live in africa. >> that's actually not true. some live in washington, d.c. >> how many are economics majors? kenyans in economics. >> kenyans is a big debate. >> it is called multi-cultural lism. i don't understand your time travel thing? >> either do i. >> they would still be children.
>> we need to talk about that after the show though. michael, you mentioned that europeans do have occasionally elect neo smaw swrees in the holocaust. -- neo nazis in the holocaust. >> they have a whole lot of them. >> they are not the model for -- integrations. >> he is even wearing the -- what do you call them? >> my tights. >> and she wants to deny the golden don party in greece got 90% of the vote. just saying. just making a point. >> i have a question. am i wrong? i thought union jack is what it was called when it was flown at sea. i have absolutely no idea. they were on the packet of tights, i think. i'm sure you are right. you are are always right. >> this last table is
fantastic. >> is that the party the greek pole valetter was in? >> we don't have racists. >> what do you say to miles, in your face. >> when they get the number of muslim immigrants, we are not going to have this lack lash. we will open them with open arms because we are a lot less racist. >> regarding your mean spirited slam of ellerby -- you should know that nick news, her -- she has won the edward r measure row award. is that true? >> it is my piece on the sudan knees war. >> what is if it is really good? >> you have kids. >> i bet that was all true. >> is that really true? >> we are the idiots.
we are the morons. >> finally fox news wakes up. >> feux news is getting beat by nik. >> see what is going on in the world. >> do you watch it? >> well, are you a child. that sounded insulting, but i will take it. >> just lastly on the new york-sized courtroom, miles for a feminist who opposes the next next -- sex workers. >> i support the sex workers and read literature at the. >> do you support them financially? >> i support them through coupons in things that don't involve drugs. a lot of them will make them do drugs. >> i was curious that you could be more supportive if you spents less time as an activist than working and making money. >> if you are working on the drones and the machines, how
are you supposed to start a grassroots movement? they get you in the system to you can't pay attention. when i am between jobs, i see what is going on. i am one of the only people who says wake up to the innocence of children and know this whole thing is a lie. >> you are a walking rage against the machine song. >> they are actually very corporate. >> that's a whole album of lyrics. >> they are super corporate. their ticket prices are insane and they play clear channel. i am done. >> thank you, andy. >> they use electricity. >> do you like electricity. >> you don't need it? >> they are -- >> if you are eating organic, they wouldn't get ill. >> that is totally true.
>> it is all of the pesticides and chemicals making everyone sick. it will better our lives. it was high quality. jay i thought -- >> i thought the pesticide kills animals that killed the crops. >> yes. don'ts we have to go to break? how long is this. that is the world's longest segments in the world. coming up, death for everyone, but me. i should really read these stories beforehand. >> announcer: meet mary. she loves to shop online with her debit card, and so does bill, an identity thief who stole mary's identity, took over her bank accounts and stole her hard-earned money. now meet jack. after 40 years, he finally saved enough to enjoy retirement. angie, the waitress at jack's favorite diner, is also enjoying
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well, his stunt landed a punk, a washington man who campaigned for two years to have billy idol play at his birthday party and on friday it is going happen. he got the idea after hearing "hungry like the wolf" while working at the mall. i know.
the 26-year-old started an on-line campaign and got help from people like rick springfield and ron jeremy. disgusting. the 80s cover band played concerts to raise money for charity in his quest to book billy. he will play the birthday bash. i'm -- immogen? this guy has $40,000 in college loans, is this the perfect thing to do? >> possibly not. >> pillly idol's hit was not "hoping gree like the -- hungry like the wolf" was not billy idol. it was dure ran dure ran. i was furious. it was duran-duran. >> it made you sing it in your head. >> with the lip curl. i didn't like that. >> you are not a fan of billy idol.
>> hiewmg fan. >> who doesn't like billy idol? >> are we skipping imoge ? >> she is next to me. she is on the show tonight. >> yes, you sexist, pill. >> she is a human being with feelings. >> she makes human beings in her womb. and then she pushes them out using labor pains. >> or she can have a female surgeon remove it. >> is this -- are we still on the air? >> yes, we are. >> this is going out? >> like overall as in this series? >> i don't know. >> or this show? >> i am just saying i think it should be canceled. i am going to give you my opinion. i don't think it should be on the air. billy idol.
this guy is like 26, isn't he? >> his 26th birthday party. everyone knows that. >> it is like back in the 80s and trying to get bill hayley and the comets. >> i need the big bopper to come. if he had not died in a fiery plane wreck he would be at my party. >> this story gives me hope for myth -- for my 30th birthday oil rub down. >> i don't know why we say he is so long ago. i am more into generation x. what i loved about them was their shear honesty. they were not trying to be like the other punk bands. they were excited to be from brighton and they wanted to be pin ups. ♪ walking on the streets with the latest on my feet ♪ ,. ♪ i fear you got your gear from maksist mark.
>> can we go off the air for good? >> not jackson? >> no. if i was doing a british action it would be, i heard you got your gift from markist spot. >> i feel bad. >> we had tony james on one time. >> you did? >> yes. >> there is only one.
>> the right tool for the job. >> beginning to take shape.
>> that was awesome. it is the true meaning of halloween. you don't seem too happy about this. why are you crying, miles? >> that was awesome. >> what was neat about it? >> it is taking all my will power not to swear right now. you just love guns, don't you guys ? >> yes. >> let's kill some innocent people. >> it was a pumpkin. >> doesn't matter. it is the same culture you idiot. >> you are in -- in a militia. >> this is the pumpkin shootoff. that's roy. he brings a bunch of pumpkins for all of us. so next halloween feel free to
come on out. >> imogen, you must do this on your tiny island. >> i used to fly to america to do halloweens. >> it is halloween and i am going to america. you know what i did on halloween? i cried with my pumpkin in the basement. >> miles, are you okay some. >> guns murder millions of people and you guys sit here laughing. >> it is a pumpkin. he is probably very safe with his weapons. that's the thing with gun owners. he takes classes. >> somebody just got killed with a gun. somebody just got killed with a gun. somebody just got killed. those are the statistics and the actual math. >> we will close things up with a post game discussion. >> it was probably a kid.
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post game wrap up. >> miles, any thoughts about your brother's new restaurant, the cardinal? >> yes, boycott it. they have almost no vegan options and it is disgusting. they have southern food in new york city. it belongs south of the mason dixon line. don't go to the cardinals. there is meat and barbecue. >> have i to move on. imogen any hints of what we can look forward to in downtown abbie? >> pbs is taken off the air. >> who did you hang out before the election? >> marion barry. >> dan, where will you be? >> laughs in kirkland, washington november 1st to the third. >> i have no idea what you said. >> laughs in irk c land. in kirkland, washington. ig fox.kirkland, ontario?